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 Cabal Shop: S5 Grinding Package!

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PostSubject: Cabal Shop: S5 Grinding Package!   Mon May 11, 2009 10:27 pm

Starting today,They are releasing the S5 Grinding Package at the Item Shop! What’s the S5 Grinding Package? It’s got tons of stuff to help you in your CABAL grind!

This package contains the following Blessing BEADS:

1 pc 25% Skill EXP BEAD [Account Binding/Duration: 5 Hours]
1 pc 25% EXP Bead [Account Binding/Duration: 5 Hours]
1 pc 25%War EXP Bead [Account Binding/Duration: 5 Hours]
1 pc Blessing Bead Plus [Account Binding/Duration: 5 Hours]
1 pc 100% Pet EXP BEAD [Account Binding/Duration: 5 Hours]

And when you use all of the Blessing Beads, you will get the following bonuses:
+50% Skill EXP
+50% EXP
+125% Pet EXP
+50% WAR EXP

Absolutely sweet isn’t it? Now grinding is made much more reasonable! This is all part of the CABAL S5 Sama-Sama sa Summer Saya!

This new CABAL Online promo will start this April 30, 2009 and end on May 5, 2009!

So what are you waiting for? Get the S5 Grinding Package now so you can save Nevareth!

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Cabal Shop: S5 Grinding Package!
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