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 Any one who want various free online games strategy and guide?

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PostSubject: Any one who want various free online games strategy and guide?   Tue Jul 14, 2009 11:28 am

I have collected a great variety of online games strategy and guide,this time,i post the

LOTRO guide for free there,hope to share game guides with all players. sunny

LOTRO guide

1 A few places to get some money
There are a few ways to gain money in Lotro Beta. Since Im really too lazy To work on

crafts I made some silver these ways. 1 good way to make some silver is by killing bandits

in their headquarters Northeat of Combe. Quite often a purple sheild drops there that sells

for 10-20silver. Also pick up everything you find from kills because it adds up very

quickly. You can get 30 from picking up junk for around 15 minutes. Another place to get

some silver is the old forest. I wouldn't reccoment going there till level 15 because it

can get pretty tough there.

The last way that I have never tried is to kill some wights in the barrows which I've heard

could be pretty profitable.

Note that wolves and bears can be very profitable too.

2 LOTRO guide: grandmaster forestry made easy

This guide will give you locations and areas to become Grandmaster Forester. I made

Grandmaster Forester at level 15 by going to these locations for wood. Mobs are high level

therefore the greatest tip I can give, keep on running! Mobs will give up after a short

period of chasing you.

Note: You must master the previous tier to begin the mastery of a higher tier one.

Tier 1 - Apprentice
Resources used:
Light Hides
Rowan Wood

Total amount of resources needed to master tier: 150

This tier is the easiest because of the abundant amount of hides you can find plus rowan


For hides find a wolf den, wolves drop light hides at almost every kill. Plus you can even

work on the wolf hunting trait.

Location of one wolf den in Ered Luin:

Also, I have the strategy and guide for WOW, AOC, FF11 and so on.I got this LOTRO guide

from this site(http://www.mmogoldservice.com/A-few-places-to-get-some-money-guideitem.html)

or mmogoldservice.com. For more information,you can go there. rendeer
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Any one who want various free online games strategy and guide?
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