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 Free sharing Darkfall basic strategy guide and UI Setup

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PostSubject: Free sharing Darkfall basic strategy guide and UI Setup   Thu Jul 16, 2009 11:23 am

I have collected a great variety of Darkfall online strategy and guide,this time,i post the Darkfall basic strategy guide and UI Setup there, hope to share game guides with all players. lol!

1 UI Setup

Before you venture out on your own, you will want to spend some time setting up your UI. Most elements of your user interface can be positioned and resized

to your liking. On the upper left-hand side of the screen is your hotbar. You will need to drag some skills to this bar before you head out. Right click on

your skills list and go to General Skills. You will want to choose "Rest", "Revive", and "Gank". Just drag the icon for each skill onto your chosen location

on your hotbar.

Rest-this is the skill that allows your character to sit down and regenerate health, mana and stamina more quickly. This skill is enhanced by food, so

when you have it, use it.

Revive-this is an all-purpose resurrection. When a character dies in this game, you will hear them yell "HELP ME!" and will see them lying on the ground

twitching and groaning. There is a short window of time in which they may be resurrected before they automatically release to their bindstone (assuming they

aren't killed outright, in which case they automatically release). It is a very quick spell, so don't be afraid to rush in and res someone while the monsters

are distracted and chasing someone else.

Gank-if the person lying on the ground is your victim rather than your friend, this is the finishing move you will want to use to send them on their way

so you can loot them more quickly.

This is also where you will drag spells when you begin using magic. In order to use the spells on your hotbar you must first make sure your weapons are

unsheathed, then simply press the indicated key to "load" the spell. The hotbar numbers correlate to your keyboard numbers.

You can tell that the spell is loaded when it appears in the very bottom square. From that point you left click to use the spell. Once a spell is loaded,

it will remain so until you load a different skill or sheathe your weapons.

Don't forget that you can also use your hotbar for items such as weapons, food and mounts. This will enable fast weapon swapping, eating on the run, and

will let you quickly summon your mount in case of an emergency.

2 Darkfall basic strategy guide

In the southern-most part of the continent is Nagast, a dark and broken land that serves as home to the vicious and corrupt Alfar. The Alfar are a dark

skinned, nocturnal race for whom pleasure is derived only from torture and destruction. These cunning and swift raiders have no friends, no alliances. Gifted

with wild, unpredictable magic and fearsome drake mounts to aid them in battle, they stand alone against the rest of the races of Agon.


The Alfar are by far the smallest race. This gives them some advantages over the other races. They have the smallest hit box and are quick and tough to

target in PvP. Their small stature and coloring resembles that of some of the NPCs in game, meaning they are often mistaken for NPCs by passers-by, a mistake

that may make travel through Agon a little safer. They also have the highest starting intelligence and are natural spell casters.


Because they are not allied with any other races, killing an Alfar gives an alignment bonus to all other races. This makes them popular targets for

random pk-ing. One of the lowest level dungeons in game is located in the Alfar homeland, which means they are at a greater than normal risk for invasion by

other races while their skill levels are still low. This can make life difficult for the new Alfar player, especially considering that they have one of the

lowest starting health pools of all the races.

Allies & Enemies:

The Alfar have no allies; every non-Alfar is an enemy. The advantage of this is that Alfar can easily raise their alignment via player killing. The

downfall is that they are the most popular race for other players to hunt and kill without cause.

The world of Darkfall is Agon, a massive continent at least twice the size of any game to date. The central continent is divided among the six races: Humans,

Dwarves, Mirdain, Orks, Mahirim, and Alfar. Each racial area contains a capital city, three starting cities, and is bordered by enemy territory.

Also, I have the strategy and guide for UI Optimization, Darkfall gold making,Darkfall walkthough and so on. I got this Darkfall basic strategy guide and UI

Setup from this site(http://www.mmogoldservice.com/darkfall-basics-story-backgroup-1-guideitem.html) or mmogoldservice.com. For more Darkfall guide, you can

go there.
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Free sharing Darkfall basic strategy guide and UI Setup
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