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 What do you think about the game of Aion?

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PostSubject: What do you think about the game of Aion?   Thu Jul 23, 2009 3:04 pm

I'm a newplayer of this game. What do you think about the game of Aion?
I quote some of the introduction of this game from mmogoldservice DOT com,for the srategy and guide,you can go there and find more.

the game Aion is created by NCSoft and has many features found in common MMORPG's today. Some of the games it can easily be related to are World of Warcraft, Lineage II, Warhammer Online, and Guild Wars. Because of this, learning how to play the game can be both easy and confusing, depending on which aspect you are looking at.

During this guide we will explore all of the classes, we will go through a detailed game walk-through in terms of how to do various actions, how to farm the game's currency, among other things. Our goal is to provide you with all of the necessary information as to how to play the game, figure out what class (or classes) you wish to play, and also to give insight about other classes you may meet along your journey. This will assist you in understanding why other characters play the way they do, and it will also help you figure out your role in groups.

If you look at the Index it should help you figure out what sections tell what, and will also make finding the various sections much easier.

Along with this, there is an Appendix at the back of the guide for acronym information.

I want to personally thank you for purchasing this guide, and I hope it gives you the information you are needing!


In the game Aion there are three different factions, but only two of them are playable. One of these is the NPC faction, called Balaur. For those of you who have not played games that have two or more sides (such as Warhammer Online or World of Warcraft), the factions are a separation between different sides. If you are on the Elyos faction, for example, you will always be against the Asmodian faction. If you are on Asmodian, this means you are against Elyos. In a sense, everyone that is in your faction is on your side, so making enemies with fellow players hurts everyone, yourself included. One of the biggest problems I have found when playing games that have various factions is there are always a lot of in-faction problems. Please do your best to refrain from that. After all, you are all on the same team!

Choosing which faction you wish to play on is very important because you are not able to have characters in two different factions on one server (unless you have two accounts). You can, however, have two factions between two servers. This is highly recommended if you want the full immersion into the game of Aion, because it assists you in learning not only the side you wish to play on, but also the enemies you will be encountering.

Regardless as to which faction you choose to play on, your class choices will be about the same. Think of it as being a "red versus blue" game, where everyone has the same skills (assuming they are of your class and level) and ability to create the same items. This creates a true balance in the game because it keeps one class from being overpowering towards the opposite team's class of the same type. So when you choose your faction, you are not determining it based on which class you wish to play, but rather by which team you want to be on.

Note that when it comes to skills, there are a few of them that are different but for the most part the two sides are perfect clones of one another. In terms of their different skills, they are balanced very well.



The Balaur are the "vE" part of "PvPvE" Aion is said to have. This is a side, much like the Elyos or Asmodians, but it is not ruled by players. Instead, this is a NPC team and it fights against BOTH the Elyos and the Asmodians.
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What do you think about the game of Aion?
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