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 Solo Scar Eater and Ghial in Guild Wars

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PostSubject: Solo Scar Eater and Ghial in Guild Wars   Mon Aug 03, 2009 5:26 pm

I'm a new player of Guild Wars,i don't know the way to solo.

Scar Eater

Totem Axe/Rajazan's Fervor OR Any sword or Axe with at least 18% enchant mod on it!
-20 hp offhand (Reward for completing "Poor Tenant" quest in pre searing Ascalon)

Basic 55 monk Armor set.. you know the deal!

12 Earth Magic
9 Healing Prayers
9 Protection Prayers
8 Smiting Prayers
12 Divine Favor

Protective Spirit
Healing Breeze
Scourge Healing
Sliver Armor
Spellbreaker [E]
Blessed Aura
Balthazar's Spirit

Tips and Advice:

1.) Go out from Vasburg Armory, as soon as you load, check the two groups in front of the Res Shrine. Check the groups whether they have either a Pain hungry gaki or Skill Hungry gaki, if they do, go back to Vasburg and respawn, then check again, until the two groups i mentioned doesn't have either gakis with them.

2.) When your successful with #1, proceed on killing yourself. Cast your enchantments, by this time using the equipments i mentioned and with 15% dp, your health will be at 13hp.Hold ctrl and look for the scar eater, target it.Maintain your target on the Scar Eater so you'll know how to go back to him when you try to agro all three groups!

3.) When you're aggroing, constantly check the compass for new spawns. Once new red dots appear in your compass, that is an indication that a group of onis has spawned. if so, immediately activate Spellbreaker, so that you wont get shadow shroud on you. Continue aggroing all three groups. Once you're done, get close to the scar eater, recast prot and heal breeze when Spellbreaker starts to blink.Cast Scourge healing on scar eater then use Silver Armor! Watch the numbers rise and scar eater's health drop!
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Solo Scar Eater and Ghial in Guild Wars
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