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 WoW cheat--how to mount in dalaran?

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PostSubject: WoW cheat--how to mount in dalaran?   Thu Aug 06, 2009 2:25 pm

There is a certain spot in Dalaran that you can actually mount up in.
1. Start off at the horde Bank, and head into the Antonidas Memorial (big floating statue area)
2. Standing infront of the statue, to the left you should see 3 sets of benches in a semi circle around the statue each with a 2 seater bench and a single seat.
3. The set in the middle is the one you want, you need to sit down on the single seater and then hit your mount button.
4. Now your mounted in dalaran and are able to fly off out of the city. Instead of having to run over to the Landing pad.

For the WoW cheat screenshots,you can check out this link:
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WoW cheat--how to mount in dalaran?
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