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 How to get special ability (SA) on your weapon in Lineage 2? What’s your opinion?

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PostSubject: How to get special ability (SA) on your weapon in Lineage 2? What’s your opinion?   Thu Aug 13, 2009 2:45 pm

Weapon Special Abilities, also known as SA's, are available on a wide variety of C, B, A and S grade weapons in the game. Each weapon, except dual weapons, can have a choice of 1 out of 3 special abilities and you can never have more than 1 special ability on a weapon. Dual Swords get 1 set special ability and do not get to chose Special Ability. Weapon SA's are non-transferable, so if you want to exchange or upgrade your weapon at Blacksmith of Mammon you will have to remove your SA from the weapon first. (This can be done by the Black marketer of mammon found in most major towns)
How to get special ability (SA) on your weapon.

Weapons not listed on the SA list: These weapons cannot receive special abilities in any way.
Dual Swords : Dual Swords gain their special ability by enchanting them to +4, then they will receive the assigned special ability automatically. Be warned enchanting a weapon from +3 to +4 has a chance of destroying the weapon, leaving you with crystals of the grade type of the dual swords

Any other weapon listed: Any other weapon can receive their SA regardless of enchanted status. To apply SA to a weapon, you will need a crystal of appropriate stage (level) and color, then go to a blacksmith and pay for having the SA applied to the weapon, payment will be in appropriate grade gemstones + money.

Example: If you want to have the Haste Special Ability on an Art of Battle Axe (highest B-grade blunt), you will have to acquire a stage 10 blue crystal, 339 b-grade gemstones and money, then go to a blacksmith, tell him you want to enhance your weapon, select the Special Ability from the list (the weapon has to be in your inventory) and click ok, you will now get the weapon with SA in your inventory.

Enchantments on a weapon are not lost when you apply your SA, and a weapon with an SA can be further enhanced without losing the SA (unless you fail the enchant and shatter the actual weapon). Its worth it to note that if you fail a blessed enchant weapon (rare enchant weapon scrolls available from high level raid bosses and olympiad), you do not lose the weapon or the SA.
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How to get special ability (SA) on your weapon in Lineage 2? What’s your opinion?
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