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 Level like speeding bullet in Hero Online

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PostSubject: Level like speeding bullet in Hero Online   Mon Aug 24, 2009 2:25 pm

This guide is for those who are always crazy about becoming higher level faster than most other players; if you want to really enjoy the game then do not follow this guide

To gain the most advantage in Plaver Vs Enemy (PVE) battle, you will need to build your character with a partially hybrid stat. There are 4 choice of character: if you prefer to kill enemy in small numbers at a time then you should definitely choose rod male or rod female but then again this guide will be rather useless for you. If you however, prefer slaughtering them en masse, then you should choose sword male or sword female.

if you choose sword male, hunter is the best job to follow this guide and bow is the preferred weapon
if you choose sword female, assasin is the best job to follow this guide and throwing weapon is preferred

this guide assume you start from scratch; if you already have another char and make a new char with the same account, it would be a lot easier because you already have money.

notice: IGNORE ALL REGULAR QUESTS, Cryptic are the only ones you need to do

level 1 - 2
fight the wolf puppies just outside the castle. When you level up add stat to STR only. Also don't forget to check what new weapon / armor you can use each time you level up. Pick up gold and items by pressing S, don't go crazy with clicking on them. Whenever you picked up weapon / armor that is not for your char, drop them from your inventory unless if they have +2 or more because only those are worth the time to go and sell them at NPC stores. If you picked up two or more of your char weapon / armor of the same type, keep only the better ones.
At lower levels "better" means vicious and + with extra damage or defense
when you get minor healing teas and spice herbs, keep them and to make it easy to use them, drag from your inventory to your numeric shortcut slot.

level 3 - level 5
cross the river to the east of the palace and start killing boars. When you level up add stat equally to STR/DEX.

level 6 - level 8
go north towards the highlands portal and you will get to fight bandits and thieves and some great wolves. when you level up, add stat equally to STR/DEX/INT

level 9 - level 10
move inside the highlands and fight the higher level wolves. when you level up, add stat equally to STR/DEX/INT. Once you reach level 10, go back to Dragon Castle and get your JOB. also buy your first skill books from the book keeper

level 11-level 12
go back to the highlands and start killing some apes; use skill whenever possible and recharge chi using the herbs they drop. When you level up, add stat equally to STR/DEX/INT. Starting from this point, you would want to go for weapons that add to skill damage while for armors you still want the ones with the extra defense

level 13-level 16
Now we are playing with bears, they come in larger group so they can be rather dangerous but you should have accumulated lots of minor healing teas by now so you will be able to breeze through these levels.

level 17-level 20
get more dangerous; go kill renegades. When you level up, add stat equally to STR/DEX/INT

level 21-level 23
leave highlands, go to venom swamp and kill some red illusions army. When you level up, add stat equally to DEX/INT

level 23 - 25 kill the frogs/vipers
once you get to level 25, do the Cryptic 1 and followed by Cryptic 2 so that you will get the very useful cryptic stuff. by the time you finish both quests, you should be either level 26 or 27. Add stat equally to DEX/INT. Also at level 25 you should get your next set of skill book. buy and use only the one for the weapon you use

level 26-30
Ignore the silly spiders and cave of ruins. go straight to SS beach (the area south of SS where you have to go through a short tunnel to get there). Add stat equally to DEX/INT.
This guide is Originally from mmogoldservice DOT com.
If You Want to Know More Details about it, please check out the link below:
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Level like speeding bullet in Hero Online
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