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 500,000 kamas in 5 hours for Dofus

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PostSubject: 500,000 kamas in 5 hours for Dofus   Mon Aug 24, 2009 2:29 pm

Ok guys, this method has brought me many millions of kamas.
It's a method that is very effective, and the money pours in.
P.S Im only sharing this here because I need 'elite membership'. And after sharing this
effective method, I think i really deserve it too Wink
PPS. Don't share this method with other people..less competition = more money for you.
- p2p (membership)
- Soul Capture Spell (fairly easy to attain)
- A little money too start off with
- Soul stones
- Gobball keys
- Level 60+ (if you solo dungeon)
Going in the group is always best, sometimes faster and..more people = more drops Wink
so here it is..
1. Go to Bonta/Brakmar and Buy Souls Stones. These can be purchased in the Arena, from
the NPC.
If you don't know what a soulstone and/or how it works go here
Purchase 10+ stones that allow 75% capture of soul lvl 50.
2. Go to Tainela (If you don't have the zaap, run up from Astrub
3. Buy some gobbal keys from a merch in Tainela.
why? well this allows you to continue doing dungeons without running out of keys and
having to waste zaap money going back and forth from bonta/brak to tainela.Also, the sellrooms prices jump around, the merchant has a fixed, usually cheap price. I suggest the one, 1 to 2 maps above the Tainela Zaap, the one on the dungeon map is sometimes more expensive.
This guide is Originally from mmogoldservice DOT com.
If You Want to Know More Details about it, please check out the link below:
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500,000 kamas in 5 hours for Dofus
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