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 What is a Night Walker in the game of Maple Story?

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PostSubject: What is a Night Walker in the game of Maple Story?   Fri Aug 28, 2009 4:44 pm

A Night Walker is the knight of darkness. They utilize stars as their weapons much like that of an assasin. They seem to be darkness based, however, they are actually poison based.
Account Creation: The Noblesse
Requirements: An already created level 20 or higher account
Using that account, head to Erev via a ship that departs from both Eillinia and Orbis (with the cost of 1000 mesos).Create a Noblesse account by talking to the Divine Bird, but make sure you have an empty slot in the character selection menu before you do.
Whilst training, you should just add strength (STR), as it your abiltity points will be reseted once you job advance.When you have done some of the quests, you will recieve a "Noblesse Gorgous Robe", a hat and a medal. It is recogmeneded that you use all three.
Skill Points:
Lvl 2 == >>>> (1) Nimble Feet
Lvl 3 == >>>> (2) Nimble Feet
Lvl 4 == >>>> (Maxed) Nimble Feet
Lvl 5 == >>>> (1) 3 Snails
Lvl 6 == >>>> (2) 3 Snails
Lvl 7 == >>>> (Maxed) 3 Snails
Training Places:
Do all of "Kiku the Knight Trainer"'s quests, they will bring you to level 10 swifty.
Ability Points
I suggest that you just follow the auto's way of doing things, unless you are out to make a Pure Luck Night Walker.However, things like equips mess with auto, so each time you level, take everything off and click it! XD
1st Job Adv.: The Knight in Training
Once your account is level 10, head over to the Night Walker Job instructer, Icarut (the guy sitting on the tree), to advance and become a Night Walker. Upon advancement, you will receive a medal, some training subis and a training claw, equip them.
i quote this guide from mmogoldservice DOT com.
if you need more details,you can go there.
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What is a Night Walker in the game of Maple Story?
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