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 Making extra money from the merchant in Guild Wars

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PostSubject: Making extra money from the merchant in Guild Wars   Thu Sep 03, 2009 12:00 pm

When Most People Finish A Farming Run Or A Trip Into An Explorable Area They'll Go To The Merchant And Sell Up.
Most Will ID The Blues, Purples And Golds But A Lot Over Look The Whites!!!
DON'T!! You Can Make More Money From Them Then You Realize. For Example;

These Are From A Low Level Area In HM;

Total In Number 1 - 1032g
Total In Number 2 - 1463g
For Examples Sake I Did This On Twenty Items, If You Buy Normal ID Kits (100ids for 400g rather than sup id kits 100ids for 500g)
Then Each ID Will Cost You 4g!. So Here It Cost 80g To Id.
So Difference Between - 431g - 80g = 351G!!!!
So Say You Do This 10 Times a Night - Thats 3.5K Your Missing.
These Are From Under World In HM

This guide is Originally from mmogoldservice DOT com.
If You Want to Know More Details about it, please check out the link below:

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Making extra money from the merchant in Guild Wars
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