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 [Release][M.U] Various Server Files

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PostSubject: [Release][M.U] Various Server Files   Sun Feb 14, 2010 4:16 pm

Hi guys
here are a few server files for previous versions with working quests etc as well as shop editors

also has mu web (website based account creator and character manger etc)

dont know how useful this will be but hope it helps someone
credit to all who created these files and many thanks

for help on how to set up a server (if your new) go to

All Version server Suite
megaupload.com RUBLAJZU

Mu Web 8.0
megaupload.com WQU0LANY

Server files for 1.04H
megaupload.com ISPWZSSE

Server Files for 1.02Q
megaupload.com OOD3XV7O

Server Files for 1.04D
megaupload.com CFRTOHLC

Server Files for 97-99
megaupload.com SMAN8247

cheers guys
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[Release][M.U] Various Server Files
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