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 The bill is AB 131, authored by Gil Cedillo (D-CA 45th District)

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PostSubject: The bill is AB 131, authored by Gil Cedillo (D-CA 45th District)   Sat Sep 10, 2011 5:23 pm

which gives nonresident aliens living and studying in California access to financial aid for (wow gold)bookwowgold.com higher education. The California DREAM Act has two parts, the first of which, AB 130, was signed into law by Brown in July.

CHIRLA is calling for a public apology on the part of John and Ken. While Angelica Salas, CHIRLA's Executive Director, agrees that her organization and the KFI personalities differ on their stance regarding immigration, she does not believe that the hosts (or "kings of low-brow and distasteful absurdity," as Salas says) are helping further the discussion of the subject by using "hate speech."

In part, a statement issued by Salas includes the following:

John and Ken accuse immigrants and supporters of many societal ills. But if anyone is to be blamed for asphyxiating decency and level-headed discourse with vile and putrid misinformation it’s John and Ken. If anyone should be ashamed of infantile and impudent behavior it's John and Ken

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The bill is AB 131, authored by Gil Cedillo (D-CA 45th District)
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