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 Using Mining And Strategy To Make Gold In The Auction House: The Fast Food Method

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PostSubject: Using Mining And Strategy To Make Gold In The Auction House: The Fast Food Method   Mon Sep 19, 2011 6:16 pm

Mining is one of the great gathering professions to be able to make WoW gold with. With a couple of producing professions you may be on your way to riches and wealth. In my opinion, skinning and mining are the two best professions early on to bookwowgold.com make gold faster. Herbalism is a close third. Why? Because they are great money makers as you level up in the game. Consider that not only will you be able to level up, but you will accumulate resources to profit with. I'll have more to say about those professions in later articles, for now I'll concentrate on mining and how you can profit with a method that others don't even take into account. It's actually easy but very powerful and if properly used will save you a ton of time in building up that wealth chest.

While it's sometimes a bit competitive, mining is still one of the best professions to have early in the game, and with a good plan it can be easier than you think. Competitiveness comes from the amount of people are in your server and what percentage of the characters are miners; this is usually determined by the economy and the supply/demand ratio of the server. Don't get discouraged though, it's still very probable that you can profit tremendously as a Miner even if there is alot of competition. You can get a sense of the market and how much competition there is by checking the Auction House. There you can check to see what other miners have put up for sale. Once you know what is for sale pay attention to how long it has been up for sale, and pay particular attention to what is selling fast. These are all important pieces to making gold with the WoW Mining Profession utilizing the fast food method. I'll explain why.

The fast food method involves the use of lesser ores for making relatively lightning quick methods. So why not disregard the lesser ore's? Because there might be greater demand for them than the better grades. If a fel iron sales are moving quickly and adamite is just sitting for days, then it has a greater demand. Even though it will be less gold per stack, because it sell so much faster means you make gold faster too. Would you rather let an adamite ore sit for a few days before you get paid or sell some lesser ore at 5 times the rate and build your wealth? I call it the fast food versus the fancy restaurant method. Who sells food faster? Who makes more money at the end of the year? The fast food joint does!

Remember, it's about supply and demand for each ore that makes this work. Do yourself a favor and look in the Auction House immediately to plan out a strategy. Remember, the one who actually a plan usually wins in whatever game they choose to play. Strategy is a key component if you want to make lots of WoW gold.

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Using Mining And Strategy To Make Gold In The Auction House: The Fast Food Method
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