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 Do You Want Wow Mist of Pandaria To Come In The Next Expansion

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PostSubject: Do You Want Wow Mist of Pandaria To Come In The Next Expansion   Mon Nov 14, 2011 3:24 pm

It's reported that mists of pandaria is coming in the next expansion.Do you want mists of pandaria to come soom? It seems that Blizzard has registered a trademark called “Mists of Pandaria” which may be World of Warcraft’s next expansion. Could it possibly be a panda themed expansion? Could we really be traveling into panda land in order to do daily quests and farm wow gold? No. Come on people; those rumors are as silly as anything else out there.

Give me a break, we’re not going to see a major retail release include an expansion into Pandaria. We’re more likely to see a /panera command to order Panera Bread to-go. If we see anything come from this, other than an epic April Fool’s joke next year is the possibility that we’re going to get mini-expansions.

What are mini-expansions? We’ll, you know how some patches have huge amounts of content like 4.2 and Firelands? Well, we could see these mini-expansions as Blizzard’s way to hold us over until a formal expansion comes. No level cap increases, but we could see it as a new quest zone with some raid content and a few new gimmicks added to the game. This way we’d have more content than during a normal patch run but less content than a whole expansion.

Though the forth World of Warcraft expansion Mist of Pandanria has not been released, there are many gamers debated this thing. Some of them hope the Mist of Pandaria donot come so early, while, others think the game should be released earlier. Just have a look about the different ideas: The Cataclysm just has a history of near just a near year; most of us should learn and play the game for a long time. And we think Cataclysm is very wonderful, we do not hope we can play the new expansion at present. And we do not have extra wow gold to play the game. While, others do not think so. The Mist of Pandaria can level to 90, and there are so many fresh things in the game. We like it. Just hope it can come earlier. In my opinion, whether the new game comes or not, it depends on the Blizzard Entertainment. Just let's we wait it!

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Do You Want Wow Mist of Pandaria To Come In The Next Expansion
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