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 [Release]Ceres Cp ( Recomended )

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PostSubject: [Release]Ceres Cp ( Recomended )   Wed Nov 26, 2008 8:35 pm

Thx to lwirkk and Lord-Poring to remember Ceres-CP here and to everyone that used it your own server

Our oficial site is now http://cerescp.sourceforge.net/ after some time down when we changed our host so now we have a new place...

Some of the features we have:

- Ajax Based System, to speed up the page loads, and answeres, as it don't need to load the entire page every time you click something.
- Divorce System, coz sometimes your partner stop playing and the server wont let you divorce with partner offline
- Player Ladder
- Guild Ladder
- Zenny Ladder
- Password Change
- E-Mail Change
- Money Transfer
- Slot Changer, if you play in more servers and set your keys for a char in a slot you might want to change your char slots
- Who is Online
- About with statistics from the server
- Reset Position, if you'r in a map you don't have coz you'r too lazy to update your rag
- Reset Look, if you put something that makes you crash and it will place all your items in the inventory so you can drop it
- More to come!

Ceres Cp

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[Release]Ceres Cp ( Recomended )
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