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 Can the administrator or somebody help me !?

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PostSubject: Can the administrator or somebody help me !?   Thu Apr 30, 2009 7:07 pm

Can anyone help me with this ?
there was an old online game (Pet Realm Online) that has ended serving
and the company has closed down for many many years...
which means it is not illegal to have a private server ~
But still, thousands of people want the game back!
So I decided to try it
But we do not know how to write a Java or c++ game server
can anybody do this ?
I only have the client, which is only in chinese version but I think a good programmer does not bother about that
database is not necessery
our dev-team will be working on that
but we do not know how to make a game server
how to code a game server
"What we only have is the client"
We are a group of people thinking about this for two years..
so can anybody help us or teach us to make a game server ?
I will be knees down on the floor for that 0.0
Very serious

or add me in msn ? which is joy13975@hotmail.com.tw
Thanks for anyone replies ....
I need somebody to do this for us ...
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Can the administrator or somebody help me !?
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